Policies and other information
Statutory Policies
Admissions policy Ernulf Academy September 201817/01/2018
Admissions policy Longsands Academy September 201817/01/2018
Attendance Policy28/11/2017
Behaviour Management policy05/03/2018
Catch up funding Longsands 2017-1829/09/2017
CEIAG policy17/01/2018
Charging and Remissions policy06/12/2017
Complaints policy 10/05/2017
Critical Incident policy05/03/2018
Data Protection and GDPR policy23/05/2018
Exclusions policy 17/01/2018
Health and Safety Policy05/09/2017
Home Academy Agreement05/03/2018
Lettings Policy23/10/2017
Preventing and Tackling Bullying policy05/03/2018
Publication Scheme FOI25/06/2018
Safeguarding and Child Protection25/09/2017
Safer Recruitment Policy20/06/2017
SEN Information Report03/02/2017
SEND policy25/06/2018
Sex and Relationships Education Policy (SRE)20/06/2017
Single Equality Scheme 2014-201817/01/2018
SNLP Gender Pay Gap Report Jan 201823/01/2018
Statement of Purpose, Values and Outcomes03/02/2017
Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Policy06/02/2017
Use of Images Policy and statement19/03/2018

Ernulf Academy policy
Longsands Academy policy
St Neots Learning Partnership policy
Other Policies and Information
British Values Ernulf06/02/2017
British Values Longsands06/02/2017
Centre Handbook 2017-1809/04/2018
Curriculum Complaints Policy03/02/2017
Drugs policy05/03/2018
Examinations procedures and policies25/06/2018
Internal Appeals - Coursework and controlled Assessments25/06/2018
Mobile Phones in Schools06/02/2017
Prevent Strategy Action Plan06/02/2017
SNLP Pecuniary Interests 2017-1827/11/2017
Transgender Policy27/11/2017
Union Facilities Time Report31/07/2018
Visitor Conduct policy05/03/2018
Young Carers policy27/11/2017